SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 2017                                WWR RESULTS    SUNDRY RESULTS

Location: Bells Rapids, Cathedral Avenue, Brigadoon
Registration between 07:30am – 08:30am
Briefing 08:45am
Race start 09:00am
Course: Starting at Bollands Elbow (below Bells rapid), racing downstream to Amiens Road
A car shuffle is required.

Safety: Helmets & Pfd’s are compulsory. Additional Floatation recommended
Due to the course being held in wildwater conditions, it is necessary for all paddlers to wear helmets and pfd’s. It is also recommended for all paddlers to have grab loops on their boats to assist rescue and to have floatation inside their boats to ensure boats do not fill with water in the case of a capsize. All paddlers will require cockpit skirts with appropriate grab loop for ease of escape from a capsized boat.
Competitors follow a winding river consisting of exposed rocks and Ti-trees with the added fun of a strong current. There are no rapids on this course but still many obstacles to tackle.

The race is open to all boats no more than 4.5m, have no rudders or have their rudders tied up. Sundries Note (Boats not classed wildwater/downriver kayaks)
For those entering in the sundries category, this race is only open to those who are in competition type boats. This is a timed individual event, and Sundry results will not be included in the WW season point-score