Race #2 Walyunga Wildwater Race

Race #2 Walyunga Wild Water Race

12 June 2016

Venue: Walyunga National Park_ Bottom carpark
Rego Time: 8:00 – 9:00 (no registrations after this time)
Fee: $10 for CWA members and $20 for non members (pay on the day)
Briefing: 9:15
Race start: 9:30

Follow this link for online registrations Webscorer WWR #2

Race director contact details: Laurent Palmero mob: 0439 095 251 laurentpalmero@mailcity.com

This is a 1.5km white water course on the Avon River which has grade 2 type small rapids, winding sectioning of moving water (including eddies and boils) and ti tree obstacles. The water level is predicted to reach 0.5m on the Walyunga wooden gauge. (Rain permitting) which will result in most of the rocks to be covered, unless the levels drop below 0.4m
The course will start above the main chute (just below the slalom gates) and run for 1.5km until you reach the designated finish line, located within a large open section of river. Paddlers are expected to then group up and paddle down river to Bells Rapid’s carpark for presentations.

With the recent rain we have received, we will watch the river levels over the next few days and decide on the day if we will extend the course to Bells Rapids (= above 0.6m).

Due to the course being held in wildwater conditions, it is necessary for all paddlers to wear helmets and pfd’s. It is also recommended for all paddlers to have grab loops on their boats to assist rescue and to have floatation inside their boats to ensure boats do not fill with water in the case of a capsize. All paddlers will require cockpit skirts with appropriate grab loop for ease of escape from a capsized boat.

As with all adventure type sports, we expect that paddlers entering the race are prepared and have the necessary skills to complete the course safely. Therefore, the race will not be suitable for those who have not paddled white water previously.

Wildwater Committee