Race #1 Ascot Buoys Race 

7th May, 2016

Venue: Ascot Kayak Club
Rego time: 12:00 hrs – 12:45 hrs (no registration after these times)
Fee:   $10 for CWA members and $20 for non members (pay on the day)
Briefing:   13:00hrs -13:15hrs

Start:   13:30hrs

Follow this link for online registrations, Webscorer WWR #1

Race director contact details: Alan Morbey mob:0411 565 283

This is a flat water obstacle course, designed to test the paddlers ability to manoeuvre the kayak around slalom poles, floatation buoys and trees along the banks of the river.

This is a great opportunity for new paddlers who would like to test their boat handling ability, before we enter the races with greater water flow.
The race is open to all boats which have no rudders or alternatively have their rudders tied up


Due to the river conditions being flat water, helmets and PFD’s are not compulsory for this race.

We would like to point out that the course does include low hanging branches which may cause injury.