Bridgetown Event Volunteers

Canoing in Western Australia is thriving at the moment with many keen paddlers (competitive and recreational) taking to the rivers and oceans. One of the best parts of our wonderful sport is the social and community aspect of bringing people together with a common interest of getting outdoors and staying active. Many of our events could not go ahead without the support of volunteers and we are very fortunate to be supported by the regular loyal crew who “make things happen”. When the events involve an element of action and adventure, we put out a call to others that would be in a position to ‘volunteer’ and look after the common interests of the competitors and organisers. It is great way of being part of the paddling community.  

Safety on the water

We are looking for any experienced white water paddlers who are capable to provide support on the water to rescue capsized paddlers and assist them to the banks.

There is a role for a sweep boat which paddles the course when all competitors have commenced the race. We do have an experienced paddler to act as sweep, but we are also looking for other experienced paddlers who can assist the main sweep boat. This can even be one of the earlier competitors who wants to back up for another run. You will be required to assist in Sunday’s Championship race, and are encouraged to bring your race boat to take part in Saturday’s Team Race.

Simply register on Webscorer, and select the class Sweep/Safety.

There are opportunities for ‘Spotters’ along the banks to keep eyes on paddlers and possibly provide assistance if the paddlers needs to exit the river for any reason. Ideally with car to provide transport for competitors. It is also an opportunity to get up close and take photos of the event.

River Bank Rescue’ is a position for volunteers who would be able to use throw ropes and provide assistance along the bank. Obviously, the locations along the bank will be dependent on the skill level of the volunteer.

If you are in a position to help, please get in touch with us on email at :

We look forward to seeing you on the water!