Course Description

 The course starts at the bridge in Bridgetown and includes a number of rapids and Ti Tree thickets over the 7 km distance. A car shuffle is required and no, you dont require a support crew. Yes, having a cheer squad is an advantage.

Robyn Khorshid’s very informative website has a detailed description of the course.

Take a look and learn the lines required for this adventurous section of river.

Blackwood River Bridgetown

Robyn Khorshid has been very involved with paddling for at least 25 years – DR, slalom, marathon, sea kayaking, participations in the Avon Descent and much exploration of our southern rivers. Take a peek at her website for more information on Canoeing in Western Australia.



Along the Brockman HWY, just a short distance out of town (15 min drive), is our finish line for our event. There is a purpose-built canoeing ramp which provides easy access to the river and easy access for paddlers to exit the river. We do ask that everyone be careful when using this area as it is on a winding narrow stretch of road, where often, there are vehicles travelling from Nannup who are suddenly surprised by the number of cars parked on this bend of road.

Group Parking  A little further down stream (approx. 600m), we have access to a paddock where a large group like ourselves can utilize. In wet conditions, it is best for 4wd only.

 Car Shuffling (approx. 15 minute drive) The WWR paddling community is a very friendly group. Every one will be looking to team up for car shuffles so come on down. Its a great way to meet new people.  Meeting paddlers at the Bridgetown Hotel the night before is a great way to organize lifts, or just meet under the main bridge and grab someone with a kayak on their roof.