Sunday, June 11, 2017.               WWR RESULTS      SUNDRIES RESULTS

Location: Hester Park, Spencer Road Langford
Registration: 07:00-08:00am
Briefing 08:15am
Race start 09:00am

entry fee $10 CWA members/ $5 CWA Juniors

Online Registrations available HERE at webscorer

Wildwater State Champion_ Sam Pilton

Course: This is a flat water course, designed to test the paddlers ability to manoeuvre the kayak through narrow sections of river with low hanging trees and slight current. This is a great opportunity for new paddlers who would like to test their boat handling ability, before we enter the races with greater water flow.

The race is open to all boats no more than 4.5m, have no rudders or have their rudders tied up

Sundries Note (Boats not classed wildwater/downriver kayaks)
For those entering in the sundries category, the race is only open to those who are in competition type boats. This is a timed individual event, and Sundry results will not be included in the WW season point-score

A car shuffle is not required, with paddlers making their way upstream prior to race start

Safety: Helmets & Pfd’s are compulsory. Additional Floatation recommended

Although the course will be held in flat water conditions, it is necessary for all paddlers to wear helmets and pfd’s. There are sections of river with danger hazards such as low hanging branches. It is suggested for paddlers to wear protective footwear, but not compulsory.