The Geegelup Cup
The last of six (6) races for the 2016 Wild Water season is scheduled to be contested on the Blackwood River, Bridgetown.
The race is open to boats which have no rudders or alternatively have their rudders tied up. Also Sundries may participate; ie boats with rudders or over 4.5m length, but are not eligible for the Cup.

Online registrations
Saturday 27th August Teams Race
Sunday 28th August Classic Race _ Individual state titles

Teams Race
Teams of 3 paddlers are grouped together by the WWR committee. Typically a Male K1/ FemaleK1/ Plastic  (depending on numbers) and work efficiently as a team to get to the finish. The team must finish together to record a time.
Date: Saturday 27th, Aug 2016
Venue: Blackwood River, Bridgetown
Registration: 12:30hrs to 1:30hrs (No Registration after these times) Briefing: 1:40 pm
Start: 2:00 pm

Classic Race
Date: Sunday 28th Aug 2016
Venue: Blackwood River, Bridgetown
Registration: 8:30 am to 9:30 am (No registration after these times)
Briefing: 9:40 am
Start: 10:00 am
Entry Fee:
Adults $25 / Juniors $15 for both Teams and Classic races Adults $20 / Juniors $10 for either Teams or Classic race Additional $10 for Insurance cover for non-CWA members
Online registrations open until 28th Aug at 8.00pm or register on the day, for whole weekend.
For all inquiries, contact John O’Sullivan 0413 264 728

Sundries Note (Boats not classed wildwater/downriver kayaks)

For those entering in the sundries category, this race is only open to those who are in competition type boats. This is a timed individual event and we expect those entering the race are competent white water paddlers. Sundry results will not be included in the WW season point-score.

Due to the course being held in wildwater conditions, it is necessary for all paddlers to wear helmets and pfd’s. It is also recommended for all paddlers to have grab loops on their boats to assist rescue and to have floatation inside their boats to ensure boats do not fill with water in the case of a capsize. All paddlers will require cockpit skirts with appropriate grab loop for ease of escape from a capsized boat.

Course details

Starting below the main bridge,  the course includes 10 rapids over 7 km.  A short car shuffle is required and no, you don’t require a support crew. Yes, having a cheer squad is an advantage. There is good parking at the get out point which is 600 meters downstream of the finish line – providing an enjoyable warm down.
Practice Opportunities
For those DR paddlers wishing to improve their racing lines or for participants who have not done the course before, meet under the bridge mid morning (from 9am) to form groups to check the course out. Safety in numbers.

The Bledisloe Paddle
We’re looking for a team of 3 paddlers to represent Australia and New Zealand in a social (slightly competitive) paddle race, prior to the team race on Saturday. Currently the Kiwis hold the prize from 2014 after convincing win due to Aussie errors.
Can the Aussie fight back in 2015 or will the Kiwis prove too strong yet again!!!!
Put your name forward to

Friday Night Catch Up

It has become a tradition to meet at the Bridgetown Hotel for Friday night, simply to catch up with others prior to heading off to your accommodation. It is also a good opportunity to arrange car shuffles for the next day of paddling.
WWR have booked the rear tables at the Bridgetown Hotel for Friday and Saturday evenings. I have given them prior notice that a big group is to be expected. If you are eating, simply pay at the bar when ordering your meal. You will receive a table number and sit at at the back verandah.

Saturday Night Dinner
Traditionally, there has been a group booking for a formal dinner on the Saturday night. This year, the Wildwater committee have decided not to use this format and will instead be gathering at the “Bridgetown Hotel” to announce the winners of the teams race at 7:30pm on the Saturday night.

Sunday Lunch
On Sunday, following the main race, we have booked The Cidery for lunch at 12pm. We will be presenting random prizes and awards for WWR champion and category prizes.
43 Gifford Rd, Bridgetown (08) 9761 2204